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About Us

Dedication, Innovation, and Belief

Founded in 1996, XeroSmoke has been researching the harmful effects of ETS (Environmental Tobacco Smoke) for more than a decade. The company was built on a unique concept; protect the innocent non-smoker from the health risks caused by second-hand smoke while honoring the “personal rights” of the smoker.
By thinking out of the box and into the future, XeroSmoke has created products which empower smokers the ability to provide a “smoke and odor-free” environment for those around them. The (PSD) Personal Smoking Device line gives the smoker the tools, the ability, and the choice to “smoke” while burning, inhaling, and exhaling, reduced second-hand smoke and odor into the environment.
We at XeroSmoke have done our part… the rest is up to you!

Please come 
view our products and do your part to help reduce the harmful effects of second-hand smoke.