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What is Second Hand Smoke?
Second hand smoke, also known as environmental tobacco smoke or ETS, is a combination of the smoke coming from the lit end of a cigarette plus the smoke exhaled by a person smoking. Health officials have concluded that second hand smoke from cigarettes causes disease in non-smoking adults, including lung cancer and heart disease, as well as causes conditions in children such as asthma, respiratory infections, cough, wheeze, middle ear infections, and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

What does the EM-900 do exactly?
The EM-900 will reduce all smoke and odor associated with tobacco usage.

Where and when can I use the EM-900?
Anytime -- Anywhere! **(Please abide by all local, state, and federal smoking laws.)**
Can someone tell if I use the EM-900 in my home, office, or car?
NO, if used properly there shouldn’t be any trace of smoke or odor related to tobacco usage.
How is the EM-900 different from other products that use the “vaporization” technology?
With the EM-900 you actually smoke tobacco as you normally would; the difference is the EM-900 reduces the second hand smoke and odor. Where as “vaporization” will change the taste and odor before you inhale the smoke. The EM-900 reduces the smoke and odor upon exhaling. So you get the same taste as you would normally, unlike the unpleasant taste caused by “va-poo-rization”.

How do you light the EM-900?
It’s simple! Insert the cigarette or loose tobacco into the holder and open the cap. Hold the lighter up to the hole and inhale. When it’s lit simply close the cap and breathe normally.
What types of cigarettes can the EM-900 support?
The EM-900 was designed to be used with all standard cigarettes on the market today, filtered and non-filtered.
Can the EM-900 support loose (pipe) tobacco?
YES! The EM-900 is also designed to accept any form of loose smoking tobacco.
Can I smoke cigars in the EM-900?
Depending on size and shape, if you can fit the cigar into the holder then you can use it.
Can I use the EM-900 on an airplane, in a restaurant, or bar?
You can use the EM-900 anywhere that is not prohibited by any local, state, or federal laws/regulations. Please check with your local law enforcement before using the EM-900 in any public/questionable places.
Does the EM-900 really reduce all smoke and odor?
Believe it or not YES! If used correctly.
How long does the EM-900 filter last?
The life of the filter totally depends on your smoking habits. You will notice you are smoking less than you normally would because you won’t have any waste. Generally each QCB filter will last up to 6 months.
How often should I clean the EM-900?
You should clean the EM – 900 whenever you notice build up in the tube, or you feel there is more resistance of flow in the product.
How do I get replacement filters for the EM-900?
XeroSmoke supplies filters for all models. Simply log onto the XeroSmoke Online Store for more information.
Does XeroSmoke provide a warranty?
YES, XeroSmoke provides a 30-day warranty for all defective products.
Does the EM-900 come with any tobacco?
NO, we are not a tobacco company, dealer, distributor, etc… We are innovators of tobacco technology for the next generation. You must supply your own tobacco and meet all local, state, and federal laws.
Do any local, state, or federal laws regulate XeroSmoke?
XeroSmoke follows all local, state, and federal regulations.
Is XeroSmoke affiliated with any tobacco companies?
At this time, NO…XeroSmoke is not affiliated with any tobacco companies.
What type of payments does XeroSmoke accept?
We have a number of payment options. 
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